5 Habits that differentiates you from others at the workplace

Mr. X has been lately thinking about how I can be like Miss Y, not in terms of appearance but attitude. Miss Y is always sure about her commitments and deadlines to assignments while Mr. X these days has been struggling to maintain his own track regards of over excelling his goals. Mr. X thought to closely observe Y and came out with these 5 habits of Y that makes her favorite of everyone at the workplace:

  1. She never stops learning: One of her habits is some way or another way she is continuously learning. Learning can be at a personal or professional front but she continuously works on upgrading her knowledge and skills that set her apart from the same outdated competition.
  2. She means what she says: Mr. Z often says things that he doesn’t mean or believe in and just to please his boss or seniors he nods his head as and whenever being asked. He often says different versions of the same story to different people hiding the actual story. That makes Z an untrustworthy and unreliable person. Ms. Y keep the things straight and to the point.
  3. She creates a momentum of positivity around her: Y often makes people feel good about themselves while Z keeps on proving his superiority against others by letting them down. Y keeps the team moving forward. Learn to create leaders around you that free up your time from micromanaging all the daily tasks.
  4. She keeps her promises with deadlines: Y keeps practical deadlines that are possible to achieve. While Z takes everything that comes to his table that makes him suffer and ultimately his team struggles to meet the deadline. Missing deadlines lowers down the motivation within the team as well add stress at workplace.
  5. She helps everyone without any differentiation. Z is always ready to help his seniors while his subordinates and people new in team struggle to get his attention. On the other side, Y is always on her toes to help those who are in need without any differentiation. This habit of Y makes her favorite of all. Y is kind and of course, that makes her more approachable at the workplace.