How to remain calm in difficult times in life?

In this fast paced life, we are all ushering competition, stress, and anxiety into our lives. In the sea of bigger dreams and even bigger goals, falling short of contentment at times is completely natural. In this article, I have tried to sum up top five ways to keep calm while you go through the storm of situations. These ways will keep you focused and help you to sail your boat inspite of high tides in your life.

  1. Always keep in mind that ‘This too shall pass’: Every possible material condition you can think of, positive or negative, is temporary. That means that no matter how difficult some times are; just, they are just a phase and all the phases will eventually disappear. During tough times, hold yourself together and try to remain with perseverance. The circumstances you are in cannot be controlled, but you can control your attitude towards your circumstances. You have to learn from your mistakes and move on from them.
  2. Create A Purpose: Try and concentrate all of your work on goals in life that are important. In the beginning, make it simple and eventually, work your way towards getting every goal accomplished, one by one. Make one goal an objective to be accomplished in certain time and make it daily mantra for yourself. Making it a part of your daily routine will keep you focused towards it. Write that goal down somewhere and read it out loud every morning right after you wake up and keep it in your head for the rest of the day.
  3. Pursue A Passion: If you are anxious about all of the problems that you are having, that anxiety will follow you around making it harder for you to motivate yourself through tough times. The best possible way to motivate yourself is to pursue some creative habit that makes you happy. It will inculcate your concentration and bring you peace of mind. A hobby is going to distract your mind from things that are worrying you. Additionally, during the time you spend pursuing your passion, your mind will not have to work so hard and you will find rest and peace in your creative doings.
  4. Love Yourself: Tough times can take on a very serious toll on your health. During those times, it is very easy to forget to take proper care of yourself, so make sure that you are eating healthy and regularly and also drinking enough water. Here are some tips for self-love that you can incorporate in your everyday life:
    • Sleep well every day
    • Make your mornings simple and stress-free
    • Have a good breakfast every morning. It is the best way to start your day
    • Make sure you exercise every day, even for just 5-10 minutes
    • Listen to music that makes you calm, happy and relaxed
    • Celebrate your accomplishments, even if you think they are small
    • Do not compare yourself to others. Keep in mind that your journey is your own
  5. Take A Break from Everything that is worrying you: Once in a while, let all of your worries go and venture out. Taking a break will be extremely beneficial and relaxing in the tough times, and you will come back stronger and more ready to continue. You can try and leave your phone or your computer behind and spend some time in mountains or maybe on the beach, every once in a while. Sparing a few hours on a long and relaxing drive will make you feel better too.