Importance of Self-Awareness

Self-awareness definition could be very complex where you judge your behavior, thoughts and action against set standards of your correctness. The simplest definition could be an awareness of your own individuality. The more you are self-aware the better you can see yourself correctly and objectively. Self-awareness can play a critical role in the success of an individual, team, or organization. Harvard research indicates that self-awareness boosts confidence, enables strong decision making, builds long-lasting relationships, and can convey their intentions more clearly. Self-awareness affects our personal(relations, marriage, friendship, etc) and professional success (promotions, team relations, satisfaction, profit-making, etc.). Being Self-aware makes your life:

Photo by Chelsea Gates on Unsplash
  1. Purposeful: Purpose drives your behavior and enthusiasm. If you are able to identify your purpose, then everything around runs naturally. When we have a purpose we are more proactive in figuring out our next step. So do not waste your time in checking off your check-list of things to be done, instead focus on what they check list will lead to?
  2. Fearless and Confident: It makes us openly accept our shortcomings and build a stronger relationship with the people around us. You feel accepted and confident about being who you are. It obviously affects our work positively and how we work as a team. You are more reliable, efficient, and focus on self-development.
  3. Leads us in decision making: When we know our selves better, we try to understand the perspective of others better. We try to see things differently and respect the views of our friends, colleagues, or relatives. It leads us in making decision from the introspections and reflections.

Now you know why you should be more self-aware, I will leave you with following tips to practice self-awareness and adapt them in your daily routine:

Avoid Social Media/Digital devices for few hours a day

Practice Meditation

Ask yourself : What could have been better today? 

Reveiw your thoughts and inner self

Avoid Judging others

Ask your friends/colleague for Feedback

What do you love to practice introspection of your thoughts and behavior?