Nine Ways to Improve your Emotional Intelligence

All of a sudden Mr. X became angry on Mr. Y due to his allegations on his team for not putting the right efforts in the project. Mr. Z somehow controlled the situation and continued the meeting. Often in our day to day lives, we react frequently and our brain is more habitual to respond instead of listening. In this article, we will dig out nine ways to improve emotional intelligence and learn how to remain calm even to the rudest person in the meeting rooms or in the neighborhood.

  1. Mold the style of communication: When responding at the workplace or in your personal life, learn to make a note of your style of communication. Communication should be done in a way that it respects the opinion of other party involved in the conversation as well as it is neither too aggressive nor passive.
  2. Resist your impulsive desire: Mr. X is very impulsive and does not like if someone talks against his team. This behavior of Mr. X often leads him to arguments with people in the discussion. In such situations, you should stay calm and avoid making impulsive decisions. There is a right time of everything and gather all the facts and figures before reacting. I often notice people getting angry on emails, it’s better to take a coffee break (aka Fika in Swedish) instead of responding to the emails. Call out the other person on a coffee break and discuss the differences. Trust me things will become easy!
  3. Listen First: Listening brings clarity of needs and expectations of others in discussion. Emotional Intelligent people often pause to listen and avoid responding or interrupting the other person while they speak. Listening not only avoids misunderstanding each other but also provides you the time to observe, analyze and frame your responses. The other byproduct of listening is you show respect to someone who made their time to discuss their issues with you.
  4. You don’t need others to motivate you, your life goals are enough for it: So makes sure you have a goal set for your life. When I was kid I wanted to become Pilot and as I grew it keeps on changing but after attaining certain experience and age, make your goal stable and plan out to achieve them. Goals keep us focused and drive us how we react and behave in our day to day life.
  5. Make optimism your signature: It is very common to experience to notice at the workplace or in your personal life that certain people behave positive or negative as per their mood. Emotional Intelligent people avoid being driven by their mood and make a note of such people so that they often make their peace priority instead of getting infected by moody people around them.
  6. Don’t let your Ego drive you: No one is perfect and so you are not an exception. In my observation, people try to hide their ignorance and avoid asking others for help. Spend time in knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t let ego be a barrier in your and your relationships with others at work and in your personal space.
  7. Handle negative feedback gracefully:
    I am sure you know someone nearby you who gets angry as soon as you count their mistakes or if you try to talk about it with them. A person with high emotional intelligence will always take feedbacks positively and try to work upon the weak areas.
  8. Be Empathetic: Having empathy for others make your more respectful and it symbolizes strength and awareness about others thought process as well as their mindset.
  9. Always be reachable: One of the easiest ways to improve emotional intelligence is to do a self-analysis and analyze if you are easily approachable. Smile often and try to leave a positive environment wherever you go. Life is easy when others around you are happy whether at work or at home. T

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