Top 5 ways to become more Productive

My colleagues and friends keep on asking: ‘How I am able to manage writing multiple blogs’? Honestly, I just use the time in between the things we have to do without any excuse! Following are my little ways to keep my focus:

  1. Capture Ideas: If you have to do something or found a solution to a problem- Well – in that case just keep the thought alive in whatever you do. Human mind is too fast to be still. Write the ideas on paper or save it notes in your mobile. Writing has always been proven a viable solution to remember things and visualizing the solution or the problem. So I keep thinking about the next blog post while writing the current one.
  2. Focus on the priority not urgent: Make a priority list. There comes a situation when people will come with their urgent needs but question your self is this a priority ? Can it be done later ? Does it affect you or your company or your team if not done now? If answer is ‘No’ then stick to your priority list.
  3. Stay away from Social Media until work is done: Technology has its own challenges and Social Media is one of those challenges. It is difficult to stop your self from the distraction but ask yourself what is more important- for me utilizing the social media time for writing the article is important ? .
  4. Don’t push yourself: Well there are also days when I take break from all my extra engagements other than my work. This is just to get mind little rest. Some times we try to do something and fail, and fail. My friend it indicates you need rest and little more focus with preparation.
  5. Keep Calm: Well sometimes we get stressed and I get stressed too when I have too much to do. Here comes the role of my priority list. While being calm, I focus on thing at a time and sometimes I finish of the small tasks (with high urgency and importance) first to encourage myself to do more ! Well that works for me ! What’s your motivation factor?

Hope you have enjoyed reading the article, please feel free to share among your friends – You never know how we are helping by sharing !

Credits for pictures in the post:
Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash
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